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Blessings & Lemonade: How Jesus Transforms Our Bad Days (September, October, 2022)

11/12/2022 (View Video)

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” We have all heard the advice, and we smile, because we know that life is not that simple. In His Sermon on the Mount, however, Jesus takes this message to another level.  He provides concrete reasons to believe that blessing comes even when we face hard times.

Four Reasons to Hope: The Story of Ruth (August & September, 2022)

09/04/2022 (View Video)

When tragedy strikes, a young woman looks for a reason to hope, and she finds it in another country. She discovers a God who is filled with grace, especially for those that seek Him. Her journey encourages all of us in own search for hope.

True Love: Fact & Fiction (July, August, 2022)

07/25/2022 (View Video)

Few ideas captivate us like love. We want to feel it. We are elated by it, but we are also severely wounded by it. Too often, the lines between true love and false love confuse and mislead us. Jesus came to define true love for all of us, love that heals, restores, and empowers us.

Radical: Four Visions that Change Everything (June, 2022)

06/26/2022 (View Video)

Vision tells us where we are going and why we are doing what we are doing.  In the chaos of life, vision helps us to focus, as we overcome distractions, obstacles and objections that might otherwise derail us.  By revealing four visions to the priest, Ezekiel, God continues to inspire us to hold our focus in challenging and chaotic times.

IMPACT: When Faith Makes a Difference (April 24 – May 29, 2022)

05/30/2022 (View Video)

Faith can be private, just between me and God. True faith, however, does not stop there. It changes us so that we can help to change the world. Throughout His ministry, Jesus inspired us to have faith that makes an impact.

A Rocky Path to Glory: Learning Victory from the Master (Lent & Easter, 2022)

04/18/2022 (View Video)

True victories — victories that change things and move the pile — are never without cost.  The road to victory winds through stormy environments, dangerous terrain, and brutal opposition.  This is the road that Jesus traveled on His way back to glory.  Can we follow Him through our own storms and battles, all the way to our glorious victory? 

Still Standing: Finding Strength through the Storm (February, 2022)

02/07/2022 (View Video)

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Inspired: Life-Changing Truth in the Story of Daniel (January, 2022)

01/11/2022 (View Video)

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Rediscover: Why Christmas Truly Matters (Advent, 2021)

01/11/2022 (View Video)

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Next: What God Has in Store for Us (October, November, 2021)

01/11/2022 (View Video)

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