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Inspired: Life-Changing Truth in the Story of Daniel (January, 2022)

01/11/2022 (View Video)

Our current series…come back next week for the next v … Read more

Rediscover: Why Christmas Truly Matters (Advent, 2021)

01/11/2022 (View Video)

Christmas means many things to many people.  We watch t … Read more

Next: What God Has in Store for Us (October, November, 2021)

01/11/2022 (View Video)

As this challenging year heads toward a close, we refle … Read more

Essential Engagement: Commitment to Mission (October, 2021)

01/10/2022 (View Video)

We are better together.  Many organizations must d … Read more

Essential Engagement: Commitment to Others (September, 2021)

01/10/2022 (View Video)

As students return to school, we are immediately immers … Read more

Sharing Our Faith – A Short Series in Jonah (2021)

09/15/2021 (View Video)

When we love others, we are quick to share good news with them. As Jesus-followers, we are experiencing the best news ever spoken, that God has entered the world to restore it. If we believe this news, and we care about those around us, we must learn to share our experience with others.

Stewardship – A Short Series in Luke 12 (2021)

08/05/2021 (View Video)

“Wealth” is both a promising and a dangerous word. Our culture often links wealth to safety, security and pleasure. However, wealth also holds hidden dangers that can destroy our families and our souls. The scriptures offer timeless wisdom on wealth, how to possess it without being possessed by it.

Prayer – A Short Series Emphasizing the Role of the Spirit, Faith & Community (2021)

07/27/2021 (View Video)

Does prayer make a difference?  Is God even listening?  Are we doing this right?  Do I have enough faith?  God gives us this powerful gift of prayer, but do we know what we have?  Do we know how to use it?

Bible Reading – A Short Series in Mark 1 (2021)

07/22/2021 (View Video)

For thousands of years, God reveals Himself in the stories of scripture.  As we immerse ourselves in these stories, His Holy Spirit encourages and strengths us.  Let’s discover how to maximize the benefits waiting for us in powerful pages of the Bible.

Why Am I Here? A Short Series in Genesis

06/28/2021 (View Video)

The Story of Abraham anticipates the story of Jesus, revealing a consistent biblical message about who we are and what our purpose is. These sermons were delivered during the spring of 2021 at Roser Church in Anna Maria, FL. Sermon Notes and Discussion Questions are provided for each session.