Why the Cross? Part 1: Discussion Questions

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For those who follow Jesus, the cross has for centuries carried a deep, life-altering meaning. As a result, it has been displayed around the world in many different forms. Do you find deep meaning in the cross? If so, what are some ways you incorporate this meaningful symbol in your life?

Going Deeper

1. A Problem with God

1.1 Deep down, what motivates your actions? For those times you reject God’s ways in order to pursue your own ways, what moves you to do so?

1.2 Since first couple’s sin in the garden, every succeeding generation has sinned. In what ways have you seen sin impact your family over generations? What steps have you taken to stop these destructive patterns of sin?

1.3 There are many interpretations and beliefs about hell in our culture today. What have you been taught or what beliefs have you held concerning hell?

1.4 Based on the scriptures provided in this session, what does the Bible teach about hell?

1.5 Why is the real tragedy of sin separation from God forever?

2. A Problem with Others

2.1 Why do you believe sin causes broken relationships?

2.2 Sin can cause all kinds of harmful and hurtful effects on human relationships. How have you seen sin affect your relationships with others?

3. A Problem within Us

3.1 The Bible teaches that the extent and depth of our sin problem has left everyone powerless to correct it themselves. Do you find yourself relating to Paul when he writes, “For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do – this I keep on doing.”? (Romans 7:18-19) How do you find yourself reacting in a situation like this?

3.2 We are given a brief glimpse in this session into where we can turn when we find ourselves doing evil. (See Romans 7:25) What are some ways we can remember to turn to Jesus in these times?

Printable Version | Why the Cross? Part 1