Why the Bible? Part 1: Discussion Questions

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How familiar are you with the Bible? What can you share about God’s story?

Going Deeper

1. God’s Story in Nature

1.1 As we reflect on human nature, how are we different than the rest of God’s creation (see Psalm 8:38; Psalm 139:13-14)?

1.2 How has our thinking been so distorted that we no longer see God clearly by simply looking at creation (see Romans 1:18-35)?

2. God’s Story through the Prophets

2.1 What is the purpose of the Old Testament? Why is relevant to our lives today?

2.2 What role does God the Holy Spirit play in the giving of God’s story? Why does His participation mean that God’s word for us is true, accurate and perfect?

3. God’s Story in Jesus

3.1 What does it mean that Jesus is the fullest expression of God’s message to us?

3.2. Why was it important for God to inspire a new group of writers?

Printable Version | Why the Bible? Part 1