Why Am I Here? Review Quiz – Correct Responses

  1. In this course, we define a disciple as someone who:
    B. Follows and obeys Jesus
  2. The “Great Commandment” calls us to:
    A. Love God and Others
  3. “Sanctification” is best understood as:
    D. A process through which God is recreating us to be a holy people
  4. In Romans 8:28-29, Paul tells us that our eternal destiny is to be:
    C. “conformed to the image of his Son”
  5. According to John 13:34-35, how will the world best know that we are disciples of Jesus:
    D. By loving one another
  6. The “Great Commission” calls us to:
    A. Go and make disciples
  7. Who must engage in the work of making disciples?
    D. All disciples of Jesus
  8. As we engage in serving Jesus, we can expect that:
    C. We may encounter significant opposition
  9. We have the ability to make disciples because:
    B. The Holy Spirit gifts us with this ability
  10. How long should we keep pursing this mission of serving Jesus?
    D. Now and forever