Who Is Jesus? Part 2: Discussion Questions

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How do you think most people view the role that Jesus plays in human history?

Going Deeper

1. Jesus is Lord


1.1. What does it mean to say that since Jesus is God, He is Lord of all that is?

1.2. How does a comparison of Genesis 1:1-3 and John 1:1-4 reveal Jesus as Creator?


1.3. Why was the future apostle Andrew was excited to first meet Jesus (see John 1:41)?

1.4. How do you feel about the proclamation that one day all peoples and cultures will acknowledge that Jesus is the eternal King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

2. Jesus is Savior

Promised in the Old Testament

2.1. How have you personally experienced the consequences of the first human couple’s sin (i.e. broken relationships, broken bodies, broken lives, broken societies)?

2.2. What does God’s sending His Son say about his attitude towards humankind?

Revealed in the New Testament

2.3. The Apostle Paul proclaims that “salvation is found in no one else,” only in Jesus and His death, burial and resurrection. Given the spiritual landscape of our culture, what are some ways that people receive this message?

2.4. For many, the simplicity of salvation, believing in the “name of Jesus,” is a stumbling block to their accepting Him as Savior. What challenges do you or people you know face in order to simply believe and trust Jesus?

2.5. What challenges do you face when sharing this message with others?

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