Essential Truths

Just like plumbers, doctors, or cooks must know certain foundational truths before they can begin their practice, so also disciples of Jesus must have at least a basic grasp of certain fundamentals. Once we begin, we can always explore these truths in more detail, and, in the process, we will grow spiritually at even deeper levels.

By reading the scriptures and observing a long tradition of faithful disciples, we have identified five basic questions that every Christian should be able to answer with clarity. If we can grasp these five truths, we will have a firm foundation to begin further exploration. These five truths are addressed in the following questions:

To respond to these questions, we offer the following options:

  1. Read them online (See the links, above)
  2. Watch videos on YouTube
  3. Listen to podcasts
  4. Read them on Kindle
  5. Get a paperback workbook

In additions, we offer a few other resources:

  1. A Self-Assessment Tool
  2. A Spiritual Gift Assessment
  3. Small Group Discussion Guides
  4. Bible Study Resources