Stewardship & Giving – Part 1: Discussion Questions

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Why can stewardship and giving discussions make us uncomfortable?

Going Deeper


  1. Read Genesis 1:26-27; 2:15-19. Describe the role that God intended human beings to have within His creation. How well do you think that we have fulfilled this role?
  2. What steps can we, as God’s children, take to re-establish our stewardship role in creation?


  1. Why did God establish the practice of tithing for the people of Israel?
  2. Why is giving to God’s work an expression of our worship?
  3. Do you believe that God intends the practice of tithing to continue among His people today? Why or why not?


  1. Why is love an important motivating factor in our role as stewards of God’s provisions?
  2. How does God want us to view those who are under-resourced in our world?
  3. Read Matthew 25:37-46. How should we respond to Jesus’s warning in this passage?

Printable Version | Stewardship & Giving Part 1