Discipleship Essentials: My Story Worksheet

This worksheet will help you outline the story of your spiritual journey, so you can easily share it when the Spirit provides that opportunity. Remember to keep it real, keep it short, and keep it organized.

If you keep your story to these three main points, you will find it is easier to remember and repeat. Over time, you will be able to vary the amount of detail required, depending upon the circumstances. But, in the meantime, you can start here with this simple outline.

Note: for a printable version of this worksheet, click HERE.

1. My Life Before I Met Christ

In this section, explain the circumstances that brought you to faith. Was there a crisis in your life? Were you looking for answers or meaning? Were you a child, teenager, or adult?

This is where people can connect with your story. Remember, your story is unique and meaningful. There are no boring stories here. Every story is a powerful witness to God’s transforming power.

2. How I Met Christ

In this section, tell the story of how you decided to follow Christ. What events lead up to this decision. Was it a sudden decision? Did it occur over time? When and where did it happen? Were other people instrumental in leading you through this decision?

3. How Christ Is Changing My Life

In this section, give some examples of how Christ has made a difference in your decisions, actions, or relationships. Some differences are large and dramatic, while others are slow and gradual. And often, the struggles continue. Again, keep it real. Do not hide the fact that spiritual transformation often takes time.