Bible Story Sermon Videos

Here are a few recent Bible Story sermon videos available on our YouTube channel. Each sermon series is also available as a podcast. Visit either of these resources for a complete collection of all sermons.

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In our culture, sermons are perhaps most effective when they focus on storytelling. God chose to reveal Himself through human stories, collected in the scriptures. With a bit of work, the stories of these ancient people can resonate with all people, in all cultures, in all time. Our job as preachers is to find a way to tell these stories in a new and fresh way within our culture. Since God’s powerful Spirit will still speak through these stories.

From the Bible Story sermon videos listed below, click on an entry to see more detail for each sermon series.

God’s Gracious Choices: Lessons from the Life of Jacob, Genesis (2023)

God's Gracious Choices - A Sermon Video Series (2023)

God’s ways are often mysterious to us, but grace is always woven through them.  Jacob was far from perfect, but God still chose him and gave him the name “Israel.” Through his imperfect descendants God would restore His world.  His gracious ways with Jacob therefore inspire us with hope that He will also use us to continue this work.

New Directions: When God Crosses Our Boundaries, Acts (2023)

New Directions - A Sermon Video Series (2023)

When God sent His Son into the world, He intended for things to change.  For thousands of years, He had promised change, and now He was delivering.  Not surprisingly some resisted, but His Spirit still worked, and is still working to change all of us, even when this change is uncomfortable. 

When God Seems Wrong: A Prophet’s Tough Questions, Habakkuk (2023)

When God Seems Wrong - A Sermon Video Series (2023)

Centuries ago, when suffering and injustice plagued a nation, a bold prophet confronted God about his ways.  What were his complaints and how did God respond?  Their conversation provides a perspective that will help us discern God’s will in our own troubled times.

A Spiritual House on Fire, Acts (2023)

A Spiritual House of Fire - A Sermon Video Series (2023)

Fires always demand our attention, even when they are contained.  When they are out of control, they demand immediate attention.  In the opening chapters of Acts, God starts a spiritual fire in His own house that urgently calls each of us to do something.

Why? When Jesus Meets Doubt, John 20, (Easter, 2023)

Why? When Jesus Meets Doubt - An Easter Sermon Video (2023)

The Easter story is filled with human drama, people responding and reacting is all sorts of ways — some doubting, some rejoicing, some denying, some not sure what to think. If we look carefully, we will find ourselves in this story, and we will see how Jesus rose again for all of us, even when we have serious questions.

When Grace Works: Transforming a Broken and Divided World, Galatians (2023)

When Grace Works - A Sermon Video Series (2023)

“Grace” is more than a pleasant word. Rightly understood and applied, grace is power. This power begins with God and flows freely into our thoughts, words, and actions, if we allow it to change us. Because of its transforming power, we have every reason to hope, even when our world seems hopelessly broken.

Rebuilding after the Storm, Haggai (2023)

Rebuilding after the Storm - A Sermon Video Series (2023)

Over these last couple years, our region has endured much.  Disease, disaster, and division have taken their toll on our resources and our resolve.  We now have a choice: to surrender or rebuild.  At Roser, we will dig into the history of God’s people, following the story of Haggai, to harness the power to start again.