Discovering Praise (2022)

Praise sometimes requires a journey.  Life can go sideways, filling us with tears, fears, or anger, rather than joy.  How can we see God through these clouds?  The Psalms often take us on this journey, from lament to praise through prayer.

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Week 1: A God Who Listens (Psalm 4), November 6, 2022

The praise journey begins with a conversation, addressing a God who promises to listen. He is not afraid of our questions, and He is not surprised by our challenges. As we pour out our hearts, He assures us of His presence.

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Week 2: A God Who Reigns (Psalm 8), November 13, 2022

Praise will sometimes take us back to the beginning when God created us. Sometimes we may wonder if He knew what He was doing. By remembering His design, we are inspired to become what He made us to be.

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Week 3: A God Who Cares (Psalm 9), November 13, 2022

Praise is difficult when life proves unfair. By focusing on our God who cares, our attention moves from the problem to the solution, and challenges us to become a part of that solution.

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