A Spiritual House on Fire (2023)

Fires always demand our attention, even when they are contained.  When they are out of control, they demand immediate attention.  In the opening chapters of Acts, God starts a spiritual fire in His own house that urgently calls each of us to do something.

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Week 1: Inspired Waiting, Acts 1:4-8, April 16, 2023

While they wait for God to move, Jesus commands His disciples to pray. While we wait for God, we must prepare ourselves, interacting with Him so that we can see things from His perspective.

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Week 2: Inspired Leading, Acts 1:20-22, April 23, 2023

One disciple of Jesus brought disaster, but God was already prepared with a response.  His Spirit inspires leaders to overcome obstacles and complete the work they are called to do.

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Week 3: Inspired Speaking, Acts 2:1-4, April 30, 2023

Proclaiming God’s Good News to everyone presents its share of challenges.  In a powerful display of His love for all people, God speaks truth to everyone in a language they can understand.

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Week 4: Inspired Giving, Acts 2:42-47, May 7, 2023

God’s work builds a new community that walks its talk, loving in deeds, not just in words.

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Week 5: Inspired Healing, Acts 3:1-10, May 14, 2023

God proves the power of His word through the miracle of healing.  What do these miracles teach us about God’s work in our day?

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