Four Reasons to Hope: The Story of Ruth (August & September, 2022)

When tragedy strikes, a young woman looks for a reason to hope, and she finds it in another country. She discovers a God who is filled with grace, especially for those that seek Him. Her journey encourages all of us in own search for hope.

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Week 1: A Way Forward, Ruth 1:15-18, August 14, 2022

When three women each lose their husbands, they must begin to rebuild their lives. Two women choose to return to their homeland, but Ruth makes a different decision. When the future offers her little hope, God provides a way forward on an unexpected path.

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Week 2: A Sovereign Plan, Ruth 2:17-20, August 21, 2022

At home in a different culture, a young widow starts to rebuild her life. She and her mother-in-law create a plan, but God has a bigger plan that neither of them could imagine. His plan inspires us, especially when our plans seem inadequate.

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Week 3: An Extended Family, Ruth 3:1-4, August 28, 2022

When Ruth leaves her family and her homeland, she depends upon another whole line of people whom she never met before. God works to ensure that this new family pours out the grace that He desires for all His children, even those who do not yet know Him as their Heavenly Father.

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Week 4: A Certain Future, Ruth 4:13-15, September 4, 2022 (Labor Day Weekend)

In a culture where widows were frequently disadvantaged, Ruth discovers that she has a Sure and Certain Provider, a Heavenly Father that will not abandon her to the chaos, and a Sovereign King who will include her in His plans for the future of His people.

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