Radical: Four Visions that Change Everything (June, 2022)

Vision tells us where we are going and why we are doing what we are doing.  In the chaos of life, vision helps us to focus, as we overcome distractions, obstacles and objections that might otherwise derail us.  By revealing four visions to the priest, Ezekiel, God continues to inspire us to hold our focus in challenging and chaotic times.

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A Vision of God, Ezekiel 1, June 5, 2022

In this first vision, the powerful symbols of God in the temple come to life, and Ezekiel the priest bows in reverence.  God will call him to do an impossible job, but his big vision of God will inspire him to attempt the impossible. Watch the Vision of God devotionals.

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A Vision of Judgement, Ezekiel 8-11, June 12, 2022

Visions of judgment are never pleasant.  Given the choice, we would rather avoid them.  Yet God in His mercy wants us to see clearly the devastation that awaits us, if we choose to reject His ways.

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A Vision of Hope, Ezekiel 37, June 19, 2022

When it looks as if God’s plans were dead, when His people seemed lost and defeated, God raises them from the dead and breathes His Spirit into them.  The ones once regarded as dead are now powerful warriors in a restored kingdom of God. 

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A Vision of Victory, Ezekiel 40-48, June 25, 2022

When Ezekiel sees visions of a new temple and a new city, He sees heaven coming to earth.  The created world is not merely restored.  It is gloriously transformed.  As transformed people we can look forward to our place in this new heaven and new earth.

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