IMPACT: When Faith Makes a Difference (April 24 – May 29, 2022)

Faith can be private, just between me and God. True faith, however, does not stop there. It changes us so that we can help to change the world. Throughout His ministry, Jesus inspired us to have faith that makes an impact. 

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Breaking the Wineskin, Luke 5:33-39, April 24, 2022

Faith can be powerless if we refuse to be challenged. True faith quickly rejects ritual with no substance. Jesus wants us to experience a powerful faith that breaks out of our old wineskins, spilling into a thirsty world.

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Grace-Filled Vision, Luke 6:37-42, May 1, 2022

Nothing destroys impact like hypocrisy. Jesus teaches us faith that turns hypocrisy on its head. By admitting our own blindness, we can finally begin to see and help others to see the light.

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Follow Through, Luke 6:46-49, May 8, 2022

All of us are born with an authority problem. We don’t like it when people tell us what to do, even when Jesus Himself gives us commands. In this week’s scripture, however, Jesus reminds us that obedient faith can produce an everlasting result, completing what God wants to build within us and through us.

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Inspired Effort, Luke 8:1-8, May 15, 2022

Faith does not always produce visible results, at least not in the short term. Jesus teaches us however to look beyond our efforts to the One who inspires those efforts. He guarantees our results, even if we cannot immediately see them.

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Truth-Proving Actions, Luke 10:25-37, May 22, 2022

Faith is more than belief. It requires action that proves what we believe. Jesus teaches us that belief without loving action is false and ineffective faith. True faith, however, proves itself through love.

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Countercultural Values, Luke 14:1-14, May 29, 2022

Who is invited to the party? Those who deserve to be there or those who everyone expects to be there? Maybe our culture is not very good at making this decision. Jesus, however, teaches us a faith that will see everyone through God’s eyes, so that we can joyfully tell them about their invitation to God’s celebration.

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