Grace – An Introduction

Grace is the answer to suffering.  It is the potency of love in a broken world.  It turns enemies into lovers, victims into free people.  It responds to the loudest complaint and the most anguished cries.  It bridges the chasm between heaven and earth, between God and humanity.  It heals the past, inspires the present and guarantees the future.

It cannot be worked for, earned. purchased or deserved.  It belongs to everyone, no matter how good or bad, famous or infamous, innocent or guilty.  It exceeds the wealth of nations, the power of armies and the glory of palaces.  It brightens the darkness, empowers the fallen, and feeds the poor.  It is everything that we ever hoped for and everything that we could ever dream of.

Yet, as only foolish humans can do, we refuse, trivialize or ignore it.  We are deceived by self-reliance, discouraged by self-doubt. and addicted to self-promotion. All this self-centeredness breaks and divides us.  

God, however, is not discouraged.  His grace continues to pour over us in an unrelenting torrent.  However, we must do our part. What bonds must be broken and lies, exposed before we can enter this mighty river of healing power?  Let’s not put off the journey.

In His Service,