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Our mission is telling Bible stories in a relevant way. While many have provided deep and profound interpretations of the scriptures, we try to cut to the chase. How can the Bible help us? With a little effort, we will discover that the Bible is God’s story with the power to transform our story.

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Exploring the Bible through Sermon Videos

Here are some of the latest sermon series delivered at Roser Church, Anna Maria Florida.

For more options, check out our Bible Story Sermon Videos page, our YouTube channel, or our podcast page.

God's Gracious Choices - A Sermon Video Series (2023)

God’s ways are often mysterious to us, but grace is always woven through them.  Jacob was far from perfect, but God still chose him and gave him the name “Israel.” Through his imperfect descendants God would restore His world.  His gracious ways with Jacob therefore inspire us with hope that He will also use us to continue this work.

New Directions - A Sermon Video Series (2023)

When God sent His Son into the world, He intended for things to change.  For thousands of years, He had promised change, and now He was delivering.  Not surprisingly some resisted, but His Spirit still worked, and is still working to change all of us, even when this change is uncomfortable. 

When God Seems Wrong - A Sermon Video Series (2023)

Centuries ago, when suffering and injustice plagued a nation, a bold prophet confronted God about his ways.  What were his complaints and how did God respond?  Telling this Bible story provides a perspective that will help us discern God’s will in our own troubled times.

Articles Reflection on Bible Stories

Once in a while, I will write a few snippets that may clarify the scriptures. Hopefully, these articles will shed some additional light on the Biblical story. For a more complete list, visit our Articles about Bible Stories page. We also have a few items published on Amazon.

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How do we know that the Bible is God’s Word?

A college student once asked me this question. Should we accept the scriptures as God’s word, just because they say so? Did early leaders of the church decide for us what writings should be considered as God’s Word? Perhaps my response might be of help to others.

Should We Read the Bible’s Creation Story “Literally”?

When we tell Bible Stories about creation, are we speaking literally or figuratively? Are we using the language of science? We address this question in a four-part response.

Telling the Biblical Story of Grace

There are many Biblical stories of grace. We have written a few foundational articles so far on the subject:

Articles Reflecting on Other Bible Stories

Bible Stories through podcast

Telling Bible Stories in Podcasts

For those who prefer the audio only version …

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